Author: Manoj Ambike

21 Methods To Develop Children's Intelligence

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  • ISBN : 978-9391282424
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  • Publisher : 978-9391282424
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Although the name of the book is ‘21 methods to develop children’s intelligence’, the book speaks not only about intelligence but also about the overall development of child. The development of children means their intellectual, mental, social, and emotional growth. This book will help you to know your child. Every child is different. We will see types of children in this book. If you know what type your child belongs to, it will be easier for you to know his strong points. You will also know how children are stressed. Once you understand the strong points of your child, this book will help you to increase their grasping power, develop their thinking, develop their memory and give them the right direction in life. It is essential to have good intelligence and good nature to become successful in life, in addition to that good habits must also be nurtured in child. So, at the end of the book, I have purposely given 21 such habits, which will help children to build a solid future if they develop those habits.

• Versatile personality of children • Technique of self-study • Recognize the strong points of children • Development of children’s intelligence • Strength of will-power • Make children creative • How will the children become brave? • Cultured and civilized children • 21 methods of children’s complete development • Give direction after recognizing nature and thinking style • 21 most essential habits to stay successful

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