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Datta Anubhuti (English)

Edition : 1
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ISBN No : 9789385223907
Pages : 176
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|| Shree || Nothing is impossible once one surrenders himself to Shree Swami Samarth. I salute the faith and devotion of those devotees who have completed 11 Girnar waris (pilgrimages). If you have faith in him, he delivers : this is what they (the above mentioned) have proved. This pilgrimage is a Herculean task not for faint hearted. The experience of these 11 pilgrimages detailed in this book are evidence of this fact. My best wishes are with all the readers of this book and I hope this book serves as a lighthouse to all of them. Avdhootanand (Jagannath Kunte) This book published with the permission of Dutt Maharaj is an amalgamation of myriad memories of 11 Girnar pilgrimages replete with gales, a night amidst the forests, roars of the unknown wild creatures and priceless essence of the pilgrimage - realization of Dutt. I have not gone, I am alive Troubles are a part of this journey but they never really bother The priceless (memorable) pilgrimage of Girnar Witness the conquering of insensate powers Hard to believe yet true Darshan I believed, he listened and I experienced.

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