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Urban Lifestyle Desi Mantra

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ISBN No : 9789385223631
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Gateway to Healthy Lifestyle * How to live your own life * Look good for decades * To eat is fine to digest is divine * Educate mind & Exercise body * Good thoughts are half of health * Know your six doctors * One life... One Body... Live it to highest potential.

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Dr. Asmita Surana is a pleasant, learned, dynamic personality to be with. The futuristic approach to positive health is itself a challenge to meet the needs of developing world. A University topper during Homeopath education itself has carried her to do something innovative in life. Positive health should include purity of mind, disease free body, sound rest & sleep, body work up with different exercises, good association to have healthy discussions and nutritious food for energizing every organ of the body - this was her concept for every family. And above all she always wanted to help men and women to improvise their looks in general.